Introducing Reflexology Services

Did you know that the average person walks about 40,000 miles in a lifetime? Our feet are the most used, abused and neglected part of our body. It’s time we give our feet some extra love and care. That’s why we are so proud to announce we’ve added reflexology to our growing list of beauty and wellness services.  

Reflexology is an ancient modality that has been practiced as far back as 2330 BC in Egypt, as well as India and China. There are reflex points on our feet, hands and ears that act as a mirror image of the body. Application of pressure by using unique techniques such as thumb and finger-walking sends a calming message from peripheral nerves to the central nervous system to help bring the individual into balance (homeostasis). A relaxed body can induce calm emotions, a serene mind and an integrated spirit. A 30 or 60-minute session of reflexology on either hands, feet or ears is a beneficial treatment that can achieve the following:

  1. Reduction of stress and anxiety
  2. Improved nerve function and circulation
  3. Elimination of toxins
  4. Reduced frequency of headaches/migraines
  5. Boosted energy levels
  6. Alleviation of pain
  7. An induced deep state of relaxation

Book online or call us at 423.509.5630 to schedule your reflexology appointment.

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